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Authors: United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Publisher: United Nations Climate Change Secretariat

Year: 2019


This report, prepared by the secretariat as input to the United Nations 2019 Climate Action Summit, rovides an overview of the action taken by governments to address 1. Including from 183 NDCs, 44 annual GHG inventory reports, 13 NAPs, 51 NAPAs, the biennial update reports of 46 Parties and the latest biennial reports and national communications. Climate change in response to UNFCCC mandates and presents the status of climate action and relevant support provided and received. The latest trends in GHG emissions and concentrations compared with emission objectives are detailed in chapter 3. Climate risks, vulnerability and impacts identified by Parties are outlined in chapter 4. With respect to mitigation and adaptation, the long-term vision and goals, trends in national policies and institutional frameworks, stakeholder involvement and Parties’ reporting on progress are discussed in chapter 5. Chapter 6 provides an overview of finance, technology and capacity-building by outlining arrangements, mechanisms, needs and trends in relation to support provided. Finally, the outlook for enabling countries to rise to the climate challenge and address their needs is considered in chapter 7.

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