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The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India under its special area demonstration project scheme (SADP) provides Central Financial Assistance for the setting up of state level energy parks.

Energy parks provide a forum to the general public where they can understand the use of different forms of renewables by operating working models of renewable energy devices or exhibits.

The objectives behind the setting of this renewable energy park are stated as follows:

v  To impart awareness to public, students, visitors and beneficiaries about the use of renewable energy, its advantages and its relation with the environment.

v  Demonstration of the technical parts of various renewable energy devices to educate people on the subject.

v  To provide a forum for the children to have fun with experimentation with renewable energy devices.

v  To fulfill partial energy requirement of the park from renewable energy sources i.e. solar, hydro, bio-mass and wind energy.

The main features of the energy park are given as follows:

v  Children’s corner: In the children’s corners computer based solar energy and wind energy games have already been set up for recreation. Five solar powered cars and bicycles are also available in the Park for the recreations of children.

v  Solar pavilion: A solar photovoltaic plant of 5 KW capacities has been installed in the energy park to meet the power requirement of buildings and power requirement for the operation of the working models of renewable energy devices.

v  Bio-energy pavilion: Biomass is one of the interesting and very promising technologies to substitute conventional energy source. To make people Children’s corner at the Energy Park, Solan, Himachal Pradesh understand the concepts of biomass fuel and energy, a working model of 5 KW biomass gasifier plant and biogas plant of 10 cum capacity has been set up in the Park.

v  Wind energy pavilion: The exhibit will display different types of windmills both vertical and horizontal. All the windmills shall be operational through artificially created wind from a blower.

v  Solar passive heating: Solar energy is a radiant heat source that causes natural processes upon which all life depends. The basic natural processes that are used in passive solar energy are the thermal energy flows associated with radiation, conduction, and natural convection.


Location: Himachal Pradesh

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Source: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy